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Draconic Sorcerer Damage Bonus

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  • Draconic Sorcerer Damage Bonus

    I was going to ask this in the "Official Answers" subforum, but I'm interested to hear other players/GMs take on it.

    A Sorcerer with a Draconic bloodline gets, among other things, "+1 damage to powers with trappings suitable to her draconic bloodline". For an active damage power like Bolt or Blast, this is pretty clear, but would it also affect something like Smite? So that a Red Dragon Sorcerer whose Smite has a trapping of causing the target weapon to burst into flames would do +3/+5 rather than +2/+4 (or up to +7 with a raise on Greater Smite).

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    I personally wouldn't have the damage bonus from smite go up, just the damage bonus from damage-dice-based Powers (bolt, blast, burst, damage field, and the damaging version of barrier). I've personally found that smite gets a bit too good if you can apply bonuses and Power Modifiers that were built to increase single-roll-damage effects to it over multiple attacks rather than just the one. My experience of that wasn't in SWPF specifically, though, it was in Deadlands with a hexslinger who focused on smite and did a ton of damage. In SWPF terms that would be an arcane archer build.

    I expect the official answer would be that it does apply, though.


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      I would let it. I man Smite solely exists to cause damage.


      • dentris
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        Not exactly. Smite doesn't deal any damage by itself. It increases the damage dealt by other weapons. Smite works fine with a +2/+4, but in my experience, gets pretty broken if you can add stuff like AP or lingering to it.

        I think it's a GM's call.

      • Ndreare
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        I understand the reasoning behind that and why they excluded Smite for the Magic and Mysticism table result in Savage Rifts for extra damage. But I think it is a flawed logic, that tackles it from a legalistic point of view and ignores the concepts being worked with.

        I do not want a game that prefers lawyers to story tellers, and even if there was an OA saying it did not apply I would ignore it and think less of a the product for it. There is not even a game imbalance for it that you could draw on, it is only a +1 point of damage and with the swing of savage damage, even a +2 damage would not be nearly as big as a +1 activation roll or -1 power point reduction.

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      I not only allow, I used this in my NPCs before my players did it.


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        Thanks for the opinions on this!

        I did finally find something official that might inform how this would be ruled. PEGClint stated in two other threads that Smite would not work with the Lingering Damage modifier, since that is determined by the power’s base damage, but would work with AP or Heavy Weapon modifier since Smite does have a damage effect. Given those responses, I suspect that the +1 for the matching trapping would be supported.