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Crafting alchemical items

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  • Crafting alchemical items

    Are there rules for players crafting Alchemical items?

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    yes, page 209 in the core pathfinder book


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      I believe the OP was referring to acid flasks, light rods, alchemical fire etc. I do think the rules for crafting magic items is the best you are likely to get. Savage Worlds in general (to the best of my knowledge) does not have any sort of crafting rules or a skill dedicated to it. So I would use the rules for magic items, but allow the items to be made in a batch.


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        It's ironic that on SWPF we don't have a "craft" skill but "repair". Technically you can't creat things, but only repairs then.

        I thought about create an "alchemy" skill for this (and, maybe, an alchemist edge class) but I gave up. If a player wants to create it I'll allow on downtime with Science at the cost of 1/2 for each. I don't know if its balanced, but I think that would work.


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          I use Repair as a craft skill. Initially I was thinking that Occult would be good for alchemical items, but now that you mentioned Science it makes a whole lot more sense. I like that idea.