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  • Conversion doc?

    Just got the legendary planet adventure path from legendary games and I’d love to play it with savage worlds… I’ve got the entire package of savage worlds pathfinder but I don’t see any conversion doc… wondering if there’s one out there that I could use to convert the ap …My plan would be to use it with modern day SW characters instead of the dnd characters intended…

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    I GMed a PF adventure and converted it by myself. It is not hard, but we don’t have guidelines and it takes some time. What I do suggest to you is download the original Hollows Last Hope (it’s a free download) and compare the NPCs. If you have access to the original Rise of the Runelord you can do the same. But even without the original, look to the NPCs: they have classes like PCs, others only have edges.
    You can also go on the SRD website and compare some sheets.
    Fell free to change some monsters, if you don’t want to have the trouble to create it. I did it myself (it was a grick enconuntrr and I changed to dwarves skeleton, since it fit better).
    Aside this you have to convert traps and skills rolls. Here is the easy part: you see how difficult it is on the original game and apply skills modifiers
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      We don't have a conversion guide out because it's more art than science. There's no formula that we can provide that'll get you where you need to be. But the design process boils down to "evaluate what the value of the original encounter is (excluding resource drain) and develop your encounter to do the same."


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        My non-pro experience from adapting adventures to savage worlds is you cannot expect a big bad to hold off a hero team for a full round unless you use the Fanatics rule or something. But environmental challenges seem to be more effective.

        So let the players encounter a couple of minor guys or turn some of those random encounters into Quick Encounters and toss in some environmental/survival type challenges. This lets you burn away some of their power points or bennies and allows the big bad to last a little longer without a giant 4d6 fire ball acing and killing everything on the map.


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          I am curious to see what effect Unstoppable has on boss fights under Savage Pathfinder. I am hopeful that it does make them more of a challenge and more memorable.


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            Editing a comment
            One player did 4 wounds in the Hollows boss.
            When I rolled to soak, critical failure. Since he failed to reduce the wounds and can’t roll again, he died with one swing.

            On my customized boss, they really made a mess: the wizard raised with entangle and, since it was bound, I gave the drop to the fighter. Again 4 wounds (5, honestly, but since it was Savage Pathfinder, 4 is the maximum). I described that the boss was shattered (the power has cold trapping). Just on the other day I remembered that he had unstoppable. My lesson here is: don’t GM overnight if you are tired, ahahahah (but, honestly, I liked the final how it played, using bennies to soak and putting unstoppable would take off the shining)