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  • Naming Powers Issue

    On page 177 of the SWPF core book, in the "Naming Powers" sidebar, bolt is used as an example of a power a druid might rename. However, druids do not have bolt as an available power. This should probably be renamed as burst and be called "Splinter Spray" or something.

    Or you could give druids bolt.

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    Most of the Savage Pathfinder text come to the original SWADE, and in the original this boxed text really uses Druid as an example. We can assume that no, druids don’t have bolt, this text needs a correction


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      Wait, druids don't have bolt in PFSW?
      That's weird! It's totally what I'd use to simulate produce flame, call lightning, and any number of "custom" spells appropriate for a druid but don't have a direct analogue in the source material. So no "minor" insect swarm that only affects one target, eh? *shrug*


      • aleguarita
        aleguarita commented
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        Also, flaming blade is more near with bolt with touch limitation than smite

      • Jonah Hex
        Jonah Hex commented
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        In general, I've never understood ABs having 1 or two of Bolt, Burst, and Blast and not all 3. Different trapping can usually differentiate the 3 and justify different powers.

      • Deskepticon
        Deskepticon commented
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        aleguarita Yes, I agree.

        Jonah Hex Agree with you as well.
        Not to put too fine a point on it, the Super Powers Companion has an option to turn the Ranged Attack power (which is essentially bolt on steriods) into a Cone Template. It's not unusual for players in a standard game to choose burst and give it the same Trapping as bolt as well. Especially for heavily themed mages... which is what druids are in my opinion.