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Better NPC Wizards stat blocks

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  • Better NPC Wizards stat blocks

    The Lich has the wizard class and specialized in Necromancy. While the stat block shows which spells are opposed (so cast with 1 more PP and -2 to Spellcasting) with an asterisk, there is no reference which necromancy spells are (that he gains a free reroll). Some other Wizards on RotR follow this pattern.

    It is important to highlight (in bold, maybe?) the specialized powers not only for the reroll, but we can imagine that the wizard will use this power more.

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    On my personal notations, I use a "+" and "-" for specialized and opposed. Makes it easier for me in the heat of combat.


    • aleguarita
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      Editing a comment
      Good idea. I think that this solution could be official and goes to the books as well