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Shape Change & Humanoid Form

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  • Shape Change & Humanoid Form

    The text of shape change is a bit confusing. The spell specifically states that the caster may transform into "the form of the following creature types: Animal, Dragon, Elemental, Humanoid, Plant." But the body text of the spell appears to be copied mostly from SWADE, referring to the altered form as "the animal" and also calling out that the caster "cannot use devices that require humanoid form."

    As written, there is nothing (except the GM) stopping a druid of Seasoned rank or higher (or a Veteran wizard or sorcerer) from taking the form of a Troll Brute, and becoming a melee combat juggernaut for an hour (less for non-druids). Although the Troll Brute is an advanced form of troll, it is still Size 2 and Humanoid, meeting the listed criteria for shape change.

    Would a shape changed giant or troll not be able to use a weapon or tool designed for humanoids? Or is the body text of the spell in error? Common sense would indicate that they would be able to do so, but common sense would also indicate that if they can speak and gesticulate correctly, they should be able to cast spells as well while in Humanoid form (although the spell does state the caster cannot activate powers other than the natural abilities of the creature while transformed).
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    Sorry for the confusion in this. Just to keep things simple here, if you take the form of something with hands, you should be able to use those hands. You should also only be able to take the form of the base creature. Troll = yes, Troll Brute = no.

    We will get this updated so that the whole thing is easy to understand. I cant promise, but we will try to get it adjusted with the printer as well, not just the pdf.


    • Ndreare
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      Wow, that would be so awesome if you capture it before the printer.

      I remember being really disappointed when our fancy new special edition SWADE books showed up and they were already out of date with a page of errata.

      PS: I know errata happens and it is just the way of things. But it would be nice for at least the first few games to be able to use the physical books we are getting.

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    BigMike in that case, do you mean that if the caster assumes a Humanoid form, they are still able to cast spells? Or is spellcasting not possible while shapechanged, no matter what the form?


    • Samurai007
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      According to SWADE, as an optional extra, you can retain the ability to speak if your new form can speak, but you still can't activate powers. I'd guess the same would apply here.

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    Sarigar The short/simple answer for now is yes, you can cast spells if you are in a form that should be able to cast spells. There will be an updated shape change entry to make it more clear.


    • Zero1323
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      Very excited to hear this.

    • Natural Three
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      That makes sense. Although... I think being able to use powers while transformed was the only thing that the Dragon Disciple's ultimate ability Dragon Shape was better at than the ordinary Shape Change power which currently allows the caster to turn into a much bigger, stronger dragon in addition to all other available forms (and with far longer duration if the caster is a druid).