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Idea for Shape Change Redesign

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  • Idea for Shape Change Redesign

    So I'm thinking of my own house rules for shape change, and basing them off of the race builder. As to make Shapechange work like PF1es shapechange where it could enhance your existing skills and abilities in place of just replacing them.

    Has anybody tried something similar before?

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    Cyril Rosenaux and I had a conversation or two about using a system similar to the race builder for shapeshifting, as that's how I did summon ally in Summoner's Circle and his Beast Master rewrite in Companions & Familiars on SWAG works. I believe Cyril is currently working on a similar product for the shape change power as well.

    It can in theory work fine; you're trading up-front work building the new form for reliability and balance. As it stands now you're basically just hoping that every new bestiary that comes out doesn't have some super-powerful, small-sized creature with all the movement forms and a ton of physical abilities, 'cause as soon as that happens, the balance of RAW shape change is completely shot.


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      Excellent. I'm a big fan of shapeshifting, but I don't want it to overshadow everything else. Can't wait for the shapeshift re-work.

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    I was thinking of house ruling Shape change for Dragon and Elemental types because they seem a little powerful. Maybe having them only accessible with Spell Mastery, as a +2 spell modifier, or have them count as a rank higher. Any ideas?