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  • Ancestry Age Range

    So, one thing I always end up looking up in Pathfinder and always have a bad time doing are age ranges. So how old certain Ancestries can get, when they are supposed to be mature etc.

    Maybe it would be possible to just add a line to each ancestry to include this info? I find it very helpful, maybe even important, as a player and GM to know how old a character should be expected to be (especially for the long lived elves, dwarves etc.).

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    I second this. It's important when you want to screw up your players with "Curse of Years", life-draining ghosts etc. Or f**k them over with a "Fountain of Youth" that returns a static amount of years. I once turned a fearsome goliath barbarian into a toddler. I called that "Death by Benjamin Button".


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      I just think it's important for players when constructing their backgrounds, I mean... it does make a difference if you play a20 year old human or a 200 year old elf who was around when Aroden died... (just as an example).