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  • Other Class Edges....

    So, wanted to create a place to discuss the Pathfinder classes that didn't make it into the book, that players might like, and figure out how to do their class edges.

    I'll start with my non-core-class go-to, the Magus.
    For those that might not be familiar, the magus is a combat spellcaster. Think the full class version of the prestige Eldrich Knight, and you have something close. The key components are the mix of weapons and magic (two weapon fighting, but one weapon is a spell), charging their weapons with magic, delivering spells through their weapons, and casting weapons in armor. So a couple of those things don't really matter in Savage Worlds due to the different action economy. So here goes with ideas for the class edges for magus.
    Base: Spellcasting (similar to Wizard, but tops out at lower power level and has less flexibility, details TBD), armored mage (no restrictions on armor, despite Arcane Background)
    Seasoned: Imbue Blade (grand weapon 1 point of enchantment per rank, cost 1 pp, duration is combat encounter of 10 minutes) [1 pp per point of enchantment?]
    Veteran: Deadly Blow (as fighter)
    Heroic: Arcane Mastery (as wizard)
    Legendary: Martial Prowes (as fighter)

    This is a start, and off the cuff thoughts. Will update.