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    I have a few questions about Familiars:

    1) When multi-classing "Class Edge abilities apply only to spells provided by that class." - How does that work for the familiar? Can a wizard with a familiar draw on those powerpoints only for his wizard spells and maintain wizard spells or can a Wizard/Cleric also cast healing or maintain cleric spells from the Familiars pool?

    2) For "using the familiar's senses" there is a maximum range. What is the range for drawing from the familiar's powerpoint pool? Line of Sight? Touch? Smarts? 10 Miles? Same plane of existence?

    3) the powerpoints of the Familiar "recharge separately and at the same rate as the mage’s." - does that mean that it recharges when the familiar takes 1 hour of rest at the mages rate? or does that mean that when the mage's powerpoints recharge the familiars pool also recharges at the same rate?

    4) if at (3) the familiar needs to rest, what counts as rest for a familiar? for example a rat sitting on the mage shoulder while the mage traveling is that rat resting permanently?

    Scenario: Can a wizard maintain a 10 minute friend almost indefinitely by having the familiar rest (at home in a cage or on the mages shoulder) and using the 5/hour free recharge for maintaining the spell?

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    1. This is applying to power points, not spells. He uses these Power Point as if they were his own, so he can use them for any power. Similar to if the character took the Extra Power Points Edge (except for the noted difference on how they recharge). Unless specifically noted, any PP the character has, he can use to cast any power they know.

    2. I will answer this in the near future, I just didn't want to wait any longer on answering the other questions.

    3. The mage must be resting for the familiar to recover his PP as well. IE: is the mage recovering PP? if yes, so is the familiar.

    4. Not an issue.


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      The council has met and we have the answer to Forum

      It can be anywhere on your plane of existence. If you want to leave your familiar at home in the care of someone else while you go adventuring, you are good to go. The question is, how much do you trust your GM?