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Druid Shape Change, Duration Modifier, and Concentration

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  • Druid Shape Change, Duration Modifier, and Concentration

    How does the druid's version of shape change interact with the Duration modifier for the spell, and with the Concentration Edge? Duration normally increases the spell's duration from rounds to minutes, but the druid's shape change is one hour. If they cast it with Duration, how long do they stay transformed? And does Concentration double that time?

    It seems clear-cut enough that a druid casting shape change only with Concentration can stay transformed for two hours, it's just the Duration modifier that makes things murky.

    My player proposed (logically but unconvincingly) that since an hour is 600 rounds, and Duration increases the duration from rounds to minutes, that by adding the Duration modifier they could stay transformed for 600 minutes (10 hours). I felt that that was worth a Benny for positive thinking, but declined to allow that at the time.

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    The next/final update for the core book will have a slight revision to the Wildshape edge.

    The druid gains the shape change spell, if she doesn’t already have it and doubles the duration of the power when she casts it. Treat the druid as one rank higher when changing into a creature with Type: Animal