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Black Pudding Wounds and Bennies when Splitting?

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  • Black Pudding Wounds and Bennies when Splitting?

    When you inflict a Wound on a black pudding with an edged or piercing weapon, it's clear that it splits and goes from one Size 5, four-Wound Wild Card to two Size 2, one-Wound Resilient Extras. However, two questions arise from that.

    1. What happens to the Wound or Wounds inflicted to cause it to split? Do those get applied to either of the Extras, or do they just disappear as the two Extras appear? What about other Wounds on the creature from non-Split-causing attacks? If I've dealt three Wounds to a black pudding with fire bolts and then some ill-advised barbarian tries to finish it off with her greatsword, do the three Wounds I've already inflicted just vanish? What about if the barbarian starts the fight by inflicting like five un-Soaked Wounds to the thing from the start; do those Wounds go anywhere or just result in two unwounded Resilient Extras?

    2. Do the Wild Card's Bennies vanish when it gets split? Or do the two Extras have access to them? Maybe into the GM's pot?

    The mechanics of the other creature with Split are a bit clearer on the ochre jelly - the Splitting attacks don't deal any damage and just trigger the Split ability. (It's still not clear where the Wound goes on an already-Wounded ochre jelly that gets split, since it's big enough to have a Wound from its size.)

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    The next/final version with the last of the revisions will spell out that the BP turns into two unwounded Extras with Resilient. The unspent Bennies are lost.