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Doomtown: Reloaded Tombstone Series Applications are live!

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  • Doomtown: Reloaded Tombstone Series Applications are live!
    The Tombstone Series

    Welcome to Tombstone! Continuing the Pine Box ‘Event Series’ for Doomtown: Reloaded, the Tombstone celebrates the journey from Gomorra to Tombstone. In previous Series we rewarded players for their factions played. At every Tombstone event, each player has a chance to vote on a character from his or her faction played to be represented in the final conflict between the Earps and the Cowboys at the Clanton Ranch, as featured in the Deadlands RPG supplement, ‘Stone And a Hard Place.’ This fiction will be featured with one of the Doomtown expansions following ‘Too Tough to Die.’

    In honor of this new series, event winners will receive a playmat of the I’m Your Huckleberry card releasing in ‘Too Tough To Die.’ We’re also introducing new lowball winner tokens as prices, featuring a throwback to Gomorra while also replicating the design of tokens used in Tombstone establishments.

    These events will run from May 19, 2018, through August 25, 2018. We hope that the Tombstone Series will continue to provide an organized play experience for existing players while also bringing in new greenhorns awaiting Kickstarter shipment. Individuals and Retailers who have purchased There Comes A Reckoning receive PDF Print-And-Play versions of these cards legal for these events.

    Events may be run as one day tournaments, day(s) of casual play, or five week leagues, with one promotional card provided for each week of participation. That’s right, this time around we feature 5 new Promotional cards! Feel free to apply for multiple events so that players have an opportunity to earn even more promos.

    Applications close April 28th