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Great Rail Wars - Question on "attached" Heroes

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  • Great Rail Wars - Question on "attached" Heroes


    I've just read the "Dogs o' War" book of the GRW, and more than one places talk about the concept of "attaching" Heroes to a Posse as if the reader was supposed to already know what it is.
    However, I've read the 2nd edition core rules more than once, and no where I find mentions of this game rule.
    Having played older Warhammer editions, I can get the idea of what is the intent, but I'd like to know exactly what it implies in GRW.

    Is the concept of attaching Heroes (and even Singles?) to Posse (or any other Troop(s)?) something that appeared in another supplement?
    Is this something that was simply forgotten in the core rules? If so, can I have a quick summary of what is it and how does it work with Action Cards dealing?

    Thank you!