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  • Harlath
    Excellent idea!

    Dropped a post about this over on the official Doomtown Reloaded forums (http://forums.pineboxentertainment.c...9/61?u=harlath) as I've seen various fan cards over there in the past, so some of those guys might pop over to help or I can copy across anything they post on the other forum.

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  • mrbiofan12
    started a topic Custom Doomtown Card Creator

    Custom Doomtown Card Creator

    Howdy, I was working on making a custom Doomtown card to use for Deadlands. But I wanted to know if anybody could make an official or high quality card maker, like there is for many other card games.

    Here's what I made in gimp, but it didn't come out super great.

    It was the closest thing I could get to having my snake oil salesman huckster.