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    There was a thread in the old forum for a version of the SW Showdown rules featuring superheroes where Trigger, the user opening the thread, offered house rules for using superpowers in SW Showdown games.

    Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be registered in the new forums so I am not able to ask him about the details of the solutions he worked out.

    I would like to start a series of SW Showdown games with superheroes so I would very much be interested in answers as to how to include superpowers in a balanced way.

    So, if you have any ideas of your own (or can point me towards web sources for this kind of stuff), then hit me - just make sure to wear padded gloves since I bruise easily.

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    I just found about this myself. Let me check and I'll try to come up with quiick rules. Because just using the SPC 2 costs seems wrong. Not every Trait is equal in Showdown and some abilities would distort the environment too much.


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      Trigger would be me. Now that I am part of the Pinnacle team, I thought it easier to use my PEG name. Anyways, what's up?


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        Where can I download a copy of Super Heroes Showdown?, thank you...