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Too Tough to Die Distribution Date and Tribute Spoiler!

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  • Too Tough to Die Distribution Date and Tribute Spoiler!


    We have heard from Studio 2 that our latest expansion for Doomtown, 'Too Tough to Die,' will be available through distributors on February 4th! Spread word to your retailers

    Pine Box is reaching out to Studio 2 regarding use of previous organized play kits in an effort to provide them to distributors and retailers that stock Doomtown products. We will keep you folks updated moving forward on this goal.

    Moving towards the next expansion, 'Out For Blood,' we present a new spoiler, in tribute of the [email protected] game store in Hartletpool. Peter Hart graciously supplied us with a Doomtown cake during the 2018 World Championship and has been a supporter of Doomtown throughout Pine Box's continuation of the organized play series. Thank you so much and we hope you enjoy the card!

    Please let us know on the forums if you have any questions regarding distribution and retail that we can address!