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    Hi -

    I was wondering if there is a copy of the rules regarding how the Adventure Deck works available anywhere, as it is not actually covered in the Savage Worlds Deluxe corebook, other than to suggest people buy one. In my investigations, I've discovered (via an archived copy of Shark Byte fanzine) that at one point you could buy the deck and the rules sheet as a PDF, but apparently that's no longer available - which seems like a shame, since it makes the free Deadlands-specific Adventure Cards PDF on the site here, as well as the printable "New Adventure cards" in the Shark Bytes fanzines, no longer usable.

    Is the only way to get the Adventure Deck now by ordering the physical one online (which means you can't create your own cards), and if so, are the actual full text of the rules regarding the use of the Deck, including the new Edge, included?