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Shooting, multi action, recoil and double-tap/3RB

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  • Shooting, multi action, recoil and double-tap/3RB

    Someone on the FB Grroup asnwered my question. thanks !


    Tomorrow we run a Fallout game and I'm confused on certain aspects of the multi actions regarding Shooing.

    Can someone tell me if I'm on the right track please.

    If I shoot with a gun ROF 2 and I use the ROF of 2 then I'll have the -2 penalty of recoil.

    If I shoot with another ROF 2 gun I'll have -4 on all shooting dice since I use a second action.

    What about using double tap with a semi-automatic ROF of 1 gun (like the Colt 1911). If I shoot once with each gun I will have the -2 penalty for multi action but I'll have +1 because of the double-tap ?

    Can I use the double-tap or 3RB even when shootig with a gun that has a ROF of more then 1 ?

    thanks a lot !

    PS: I want to have the Adventure Edition pdf so I can use the new rules !!!!!!!
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