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Falling Damage for Invulnerable Creatures

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  • Falling Damage for Invulnerable Creatures

    The question is are creatures that are invulnerable except against a particular thing (E.G. werewolf in the example below) also immune to falling damage?

    We were playing Dead Lands the other day and came up against a werewolf which was invulnerable except against silver. None of us had silver weapons on us but very luckily one player had an adventure card that allowed a a character to ignore invulnerability, while the rest of us did tricks to keep it's parry reduced by 2 and shaken, and also grouped up to give bonuses to the one person who could hurt it. I didn't think about it at the time but if falling damage could have hurt it then it might have opened up possibilities like the use of telekinesis.

    Followup question, telekinesis states it can be used against a single object or creature. Does that mean that with each casting of telekinesis it can only affect a single creature/object during the duration of the spell, or does it mean that each round it can only be used on a single creature/object but could be used on a different creature/object each round?

    For example: I use telekinesis (with a raise so I can lift enough weight) to lift a creature 50 foot in the air (smarts d10 = 10" = 50') and then drop them so they take falling damage. On the following round I still have telekinesis up what am I able to do:
    a) Nothing because after I dropped the creature my telekinesis ends since it targets a single creature.
    b) I can then re-target the same creature I just picked up because I still have duration on the spell.
    c) I can re-target any single creature/object within the limits of the weight/range of the spell since it is a new round.

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