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Heavy Weapons and shooting that Wyvern thing

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  • Heavy Weapons and shooting that Wyvern thing

    Greetings and Salutations Hive Mind!

    I have lots of questions but I want to start with something that came up in my first came session as a GM running a steampunkish set in the 1880's and pulls elements from a wide range of settings, games, and books I like. What is the best way to resolve damage from heavy weapons vs a large creature in the air? Case in point, the pc's were shooting a hotchkiss cannon and gatling gun at a wyvern like creature that was attacking their airship. The creature did not require heavy weapons to hit and it was flying so the burst template couldn't really be applied. That meant that the gatling at 2d8 and the Hotchkiss 37mm at 3d6 were delivering very similar damage even though they are very different weapons. Whats more the gatling had a rate of fire of 3 so it had the potential to cause more wounds per attack than the hotchkiss. I decided to give the Hotchkiss +4 to damage as the sm burst template is 4 squares. But is that enough? Should its damage be considerably more since its power which is designed to be delivered to a large area is being concentrated into a single point? Would something like 3d6x4 be way to over powering? Could that be offset by a negative to hit modifier a target that didn't require heavy weapons? Would it make sense to say that using a heavy weapon against a large target that didnt require heavy weapons causes an extra wound with a successful damage roll? I am interested in what you all might think.