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[SPC2] Telekinesis and Force Control

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  • [SPC2] Telekinesis and Force Control

    So Force Control and Telekinesis are very similar powers. What exactly are the differences between them?

    From what I can tell, Force Control allows for the creation/control of a tangible force. This can lift objects (but not characters), can create shapes (but not barriers), and can grapple an enemy (or enemies, with the Area Effect modifier), but cannot be used for fine manipulation or throwing objects. This can also deal damage simply by "crushing" an enemy, or with big fancy punches. Both can multi-action several separate uses of the power simultaneously.

    Conversely, Telekinesis can be used for fine manipulation and flinging objects beyond the reach of the character's control, but is unable to "grapple" or restrain a target (simply moving them on a broad scale instead) or directly deal damage through the use of the power itself, relying on weapons. This also appears to be able to maneuver individuals with only an opposed Spirit roll (should they resist), while Force Control requires a separate grappling roll before maneuvering the character. Both can multi-action several separate uses of the power simultaneously.

    Each power also has slightly different modifiers (telekinesis has Focus, FC has Area Effect and Force Field).

    Are these all of the differences? Or are there more that aren't quite clear here? Can you throw an object with force control for damage? Better yet, can you "pick up" an object with Force Control and then attack with it? It's noted that you can't do that with Matter Control, so it feels like you shouldn't be able to with Force Control either (if you can, TK's biggest advantage—higher potential damage—is somewhat mitigated). Can you bind someone with telekinesis? Can telekinesis cause damage by pulling someone's arm one way and their leg another? There's a very thin, blurry line between the two and I'm just trying to see it a little more clearly.

    Edit: Bonus questions; if someone with Level 8 Matter Control (Metal) [d12+6] levitated a car and slammed it onto an unfortunate enemy, what would the damage be? Would it be 2d12+11, or just the Strength of the matter control? If the former, would that still apply if the character did not have the Requires Material modifier and created a 2-ton clump of metal? It the latter, then would you also need Telekinesis to be able to pick up existing metal objects and slam them into enemies? Similarly, would a character with telekinesis be able to use telekinetic strength to bend an existing object into a barrier (say, metal guard rails), or would that require force/matter control? With matter control, could those guard rails be shaped into a grapple? If yes, then could matter control do this with created matter (say, hard light)?
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