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  • Blind Taunting

    It's me again, trying to create a blind character that can actually be useful in combat. This time I'm going more for a support role.

    Is taunt and intimidate affected by the blind hindrance? Would a blind character roll - 6 to try and taunt someone, or would they roll - 2 per the social interaction penalty? Or is there a way to mitigate the penalty entirely if the blind man is facing the right direction?

    Here's my thoughts. You don't have to see a person to insult them. You can yell at a person from behind a door and successfully taunt them to come out. You just have to know they are there. I figure if I can make a notice roll (hearing) to get a general idea of where my target is, I can face that direction and hurl insults and still be competent at taunting and intimidating.

    In addition, my character also has Beast Master and Beast Friend, so he can communicate with his pet wolf. I figure the seeing eye dog could point me in the right direction for taunting purposes.