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Fast Regeneration Monstrous Ability, how can heroes kill such a creature?

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  • Fast Regeneration Monstrous Ability, how can heroes kill such a creature?

    UPDATE: I think I found the answer on the old forums after all!

    Hi, Clint,

    I've been up and down the new and old forums searching for a previous discussion on Fast Regeneration and have come up empty-handed, so here goes.

    The Fast Regeneration Monstrous Ability says that a creature that possesses the ability can use the ability, "even after it has been 'killed.'"

    It mentions that most creatures with Fast Regeneration have, "a Weakness or Vulnerability," and that wounds from those types of attacks bypass the ability, but there are some, such as dragons, that have no such Weaknesses or Vulnerabilities.

    So I'm wondering which would be the correct approach when heroes are battling a Fast-Regenerating creature…
    1. it is impossible to kill a creature with Fast Regeneration without attacking its Weakness or Vulnerability, and if it has none, it is invincible,
    2. a hero may render such a creature Incapacitated and declare Finishing Move before the creature can regenerate to consciousness,
    3. there is a set number of wounds beyond the three that such creature could normally suffer that would indicate it has been slain, or
    4. there's some significance to the word 'killed' being in quotation marks that I'm overlooking.
    Thanks, Clint!
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    Um, my pleasure?

    Sidenote: Unless someone's been writing in your book, dragons don't have Regeneration at all (much less Fast).
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