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  • Anybody home? Hello??

    Does PEG have anyone answering rules questions anymore?? A few get answered in PF and general but even those are months back. Other settings have been waiting nearly or more than a year to see answers. What gives?

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    It has been years now. There was a struggle for a while, then Ron Blessing came to help out. But it can be time consuming because you don't want an OA to be off the cuff.

    I am hoping after Fantasy Companion they will begin answering again.


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      For what it's worth, Ron hasn't been doing the official rules answers stuff for a while now.


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        I thought Ron got a job elsewhere a while back. My own theory is the operational tempo for the company seems to be up, getting more products finished and out the door faster and there are only so many hours in the day. Their staff is small so there probably isn't a lot of slack at the best of times.


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          Yeah, I think Ron was here for about a year. But while he was here it helped with the answers.

          Nothing in my statement above was intended to imply that he was still around. Only that while he was here things got caught up.