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News Bug on Revamped Site

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  • News Bug on Revamped Site

    I noticed when browsing the main Pinnacle site, if I click on the "News" menu item, or "See All News" under Latest News on the front page, the Latest News items aren't included on the News page. The most recent article I see on the News page is dated July 6th.

    Don't know if it has anything to do with the Rifts Atlantis Kickstarter item "pinned" out of order.

    Anyway, thought it should be brought to someone's attention.

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    Can you post a screenshot and what browser you're using? The Rifts article is pinned (as intended, we just need to add a graphic element to indicate that) and the rest of the articles show in chronological order correctly for me.


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      I'm browsing the site using MS Edge on Desktop, and Chrome on IOS. See the same articles on both. Have hard-reloaded the page (Ctrl+F5) and no change.

      Here's the PC screenshot:

      Click image for larger version  Name:	News Page.png Views:	0 Size:	549.4 KB ID:	52532


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        Turns out our web developers are testing out a new cache plug-in, so users might need to clear their caches on occasion to get their "All News" to update until the plug-in is ironed out.


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          Looks like it's working now on both mobile and desktop for me.


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            I keep trying to order from the new site. There is no place to select shipping options and I keep getting that error when I try to checkout. I've sent a couple of emails through the website since Friday, and have not received a response, so thought I'd try here


            • Donald Schepis
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              It's the weekend, so our CS folks aren't likely to get back to you immediately. I'm sure they'll get to you on Monday (unless there's a large volume of tickets to get through). Also, they sort through the support threads from bottom to top, so sending multiple emails on the same issue makes it take longer for the team to address your issue.

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            So spoke too soon upthread about the issue being resolved. Some new things appear, but still not the newest new things, except for the "pinned" items. I can't tell if there's anything between what I'm seeing on the front page and the items displayed on the News page.

            Question (or maybe more of an FYI): something I often do during development is bring up Dev Tools F12), then right click the "refresh" button near the address bar, selecting "Empty Cache and Hard Refresh" (Both Edge and Chrome have this feature.)

            Based on the earlier response, I'd think this would bring up the correct News items, but it doesn't seem to.

            Also tried clearing cache (just "Images and Files") using the regular setting tools, but that doesn't seem to do it either, even with browser close/reopen.
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