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  • Donald Schepis
    That's generally the purpose of the pledge manager after the campaign ends. You get to add additional physical products to your order so they all ship together instead of bit by bit.

    And if you don't see something you want in the pledge manager, generally, we can do something about that if you shoot us a message via [email protected].

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  • steelbrok
    started a topic Kickstarters


    Hi Pinnacle,

    A thought just crossed my mind. For many of us overseas shipping can put us off pledging for physical rewards (I think this is more the case with smaller kickstarters. I was wondering if there was any way to combine physical pledges from more than one KS to reduce overall shipping?

    For example I'd have liked a hard copy of Rifts Atlantis and would like a hard copy of the new SPC. If shipping the two together becomes more economical (I'd be surprised if it didn't) then having them shipped together (and accepting the consequent delay in shipment) then I'd be minded to raise pledges to a physical reward.

    Realise this might get a bit complex as people would want to mix and match in different combinations.