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2020 Test Drive vs The Core Rules

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  • 2020 Test Drive vs The Core Rules

    I was not sure the best place to send this to get seen, so I picked here since its technically rules. The 2020 Test Drive (Deadlands themed) states its a contested Agility check to when Interrupting from Hold whereas the main SWADE book references Athletics. I presume the full book is correct but thought it worth mentioning to get the Test Drive fixed (someone actually referenced in it in the Pathfinder section).
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    Well specific setting cand override the general rule but it could be a typo. A similar issue came up in Rifts where Agility was used and IIRC it was supposed to be Athletics. Of course that kind of screwed the Gunslinger MARS package and I don't remember the end result. I need to go look that up. I like Gunslingers.


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      Thanks for the head's up. Things are a little crazy right now with the KS, but I got it on the list to follow up on.
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        Well, I personally still maintain that using Athletics for this makes no sense and that it should definitely go back to being an Agility roll instead, but whatever, nobody asked for my opinion and in the end it really doesn't matter.

        I'm glad to have it cleared up as far as the test drive goes.
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