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  • Super powers companion question

    I was flipping through the SPC, and came up with a question... if you take the super edge power, and then choose Dodge as your edge, does that stack with uncanny reflexes? The text of Uncanny Reflexes states it does not stack with other powers-based modifiers (penalties to hit from things like super-speed, or shrinking). But If the power gives you an edge, and the edge gives you a modifier, not sure if that's allowed?

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    Great question!

    The answer, I think, is nuanced. Uncanny Reflexes does not stack with "power-based attack penalties." If you gain Dodge through Super Edge, that would be "power-based." However, if you took Dodge as a normal Advance, the two would stack.

    It's probably worth mentioning that the PP cost to acquire the Dodge Edge is the same as buying two levels of the Deflection power (providing the same benefit), and Uncanny Reflexes doesn't stack with that.


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    Thank you!


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