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Respectful Question About PDF Mechanics

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  • Respectful Question About PDF Mechanics

    Could I respectfully (and I emphasize respectfully) ask why PEG PDFs, which are in every other respect fine products that I enjoy using to present games both virtually and (eventually) FTF, why the trick of maintaining zoom ratio after accessing the TOC hyperlinks or sidebar links isn't used?

    It is incredibly frustrating to have zoomed a document page, found the need to go off-page to look up some little-used rule, lose the zoom and have to re-establish it, then go through that all over again when returning to the adventure page.

    The only PEG publication I own that gets the zoom property inheritance right is Space 1889:Red Sands.

    This is not something I can change myself as far as I have been able to ascertain, because the content is (rightfully) locked for edit.