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Do all boxed sets include the PDFs?

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  • Do all boxed sets include the PDFs?

    Hey all,

    The boxed sets looks great, and can really help with some of my holiday shopping. It looks as though the Rippers boxed set site specifically notes that the PDFs are included with the hard copy. The East Texas University, Weird War I, and Last Parsec pages do not mention that the PDFs are included (or I missed it due to lingering effects of yesterday's pie overload...)

    Are the PDFs included in these as well, or just in Rippers?

    Thanks for your knowledge and assistance!

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    As usual, Jodi came through with an answer and great customer service:

    "Yes, all the box sets come with the PDFs. They're downloaded to your account when you purchase them immediately. If you buy a box set for a friend, email us at and we'll figure out a way to get your friend the PDFs."