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Do all PDF purchases get links from DriveThruRPG?

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  • Do all PDF purchases get links from DriveThruRPG?

    I'm eager to dive into some Savage Worlds roleplaying. I'm looking forward to the Savaged Pathfinder Kickstarter, but I don't want to wait that long until I get my hands on something Savage Worlds. So I am going to purchase a few books before the Kickstarter.

    Bundle of Holding gives links to DriveThruRPG. I noticed that previous Pinnacle Kickstarters delivered PDF rewards through DriveThruRPG as well.

    If I buy books and PDFs directly from Pinnacle, will I also get links to DriveThruRPG?

    Main reason is that I would prefer to have all my PDFs in one place and to receive emails when the PDF is updated.
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    I don’t think so; certainly I have PDFs in my Pinnacle library which, whilst available on DriveThru, DriveThru does not show I own them (in contrast to Kickstarter rewards which appear in both libraries).


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      In case this will help anyone new to Pinnacle, I just want to confirm dbm is correct, you do not get DriveThru links when you purchased PDFs directly from the Pinnacle store.

      If you back a Pinnacle Kickstarter, you will get links directly to the Pinnacle website, and once the final version of the PDF is ready, you will also get a link to DriveThru. From what I have been told, the Pinnacle website will always have the latest version of the PDF available for download since it's an easy process for them to do, hence the ongoing updates to Kickstarter PDFs as they go through the final stages before print release.

      So, to keep things nice and simple for myself, I decided that I will purchase all official Pinnacle Savage Worlds PDFs through the Pinnacle store and third party PDFs from DriveThru.

      And... totally off topic... I love what Pinnacle have done with Savage Pathfinder and the way they analyze and listen to feedback as evident in the recent changes to magic in the draft PDF. I came to Savage Worlds due to this Kickstarter and the only regret I have is not jumping on the Savage wagon years ago!