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[Roll20] How to provide feedback on the Official Savage Worlds Character Sheet

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  • [Roll20] How to provide feedback on the Official Savage Worlds Character Sheet

    What would be the ideal method to leave feedback on the new Official Savage Worlds Character Sheet on Roll20? Not sure if that should land here or on the Roll20 forums.
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    I'm also wondering this. There are features related to Savage Rifts that may be nice to see.

    I'd also be excited to see a roadmap of planned features or supplements. A compendium, for example, would be extremely helpful.


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      I missed the info when you load the official character sheet to your game. There's a "public" game on Roll20 with forums for both bug reports and enhancement requests.


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        Is there another place to report bugs. The last link doesn't work, so it's not clear where to go. I'm a player in a game, and for some reason, some of my stuff (like the Fighting skill and ISP)is missing on the visible character sheet.


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          There was an announcement about VTT support back in April as I recall. Yep, here it is...

          If you don't want to click through, the key part would be, "If you have any questions or comments for us, please contact Dr. Amy Bliss Marshall, our project manager at [email protected]."

          Hope that helps.
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