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Can't download PDF from the store

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  • Can't download PDF from the store

    I was going to download my updated SWADE v.5.5 PDF from the Pinnacle store, but for some reason my browser only suggests downloading it in .xml format (and then immidiately cancels the download anyway). Any ideas on how to download PDF properly?

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    What's worked for me is redirecting back to the downloads list, and then clicking on the file in question again. It usually lets me download it in PDF form then.


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      Thanks, it worked.


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        It hasn't worked for me. I've tried two browsers. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.


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          I have the same issue on Chrome and Edge. I didn't try to come back an retry. Actually, I use Firefox for these downloads (or I wait their avaibilty on Drivethrurpg).


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            This might not help, but I use Chrome and have no issues downloading stuff. I click the link and a new tab opens with the pdf in it.
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              It is sporadic for me. Just downloaded the core book, the companion book, and the archetype set 01, but when I try to download The Cackler book it keeps trying to give me an XML.