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Fan conversions of Rifts stuff

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  • Deskepticon
    It's not a matter of copyright, but licensing.
    Copyright laws cover... well, copying things. Particularly plagarism. Conversions would deal with trademark and intellectual property rights.

    The Fan License (and by extension SWAG) allows you to reference Pinnacle trademarks, such as Edge names, power names, and other named mechanics. Re-printing the Edge or power descriptions would be a violation of copyright though.

    When it comes to settings licensed by PEG themselves (Rifts, Flash Gordon, Fear Agent, etc.), it's likely they have a non-transferrable license with the original holder, meaning that any licensing agreement that PEG offers DOES NOT extend to any third-party licenses that they hold. Essentially this means you need to abide by the original property holder's rules. In this case, Palladium.

    Hope this helped.
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  • pkitty
    started a topic Fan conversions of Rifts stuff

    Fan conversions of Rifts stuff

    Are we allowed to post fan conversions of things from Rifts books? I'm unclear whether that counts as a copyright issue given that Savage Rifts is a thing.