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    Hi gang!

    We all want a nice, friendly, respectful forum, and following the rules is what helps keep it that way. Note, these rules are not exclusive. Content may also be disallowed based on tastefulness and other factors. We try to keep things as "PG-13" as possible since we want to include all players, young and old, in our discussions.

    If a forum member notices any post that appears to violate these rules, they should hit the Report button and not reply to the post.

    The reason for this is twofold. If the post does break the rules, replying to it just continues a disallowed discussion, and if the post is ultimately ruled to not be a violation, then referring to it as such publicly isn't respectful and represents a disparaging remark against it. Neither result is good for anyone involved, so just report it to the Admins, and it will be resolved in some way.

    The Rules

    1 - First off, everyone is to be treated with respect. Derogatory remarks aimed at posters, their opinions, or anyone for that matter (forum member or not) are never appropriate. To be clear, this is a point of being respectful not simply "don't directly insult people." Saying a group likes "roll-playing" or sound like "munchkins" is disrespectful and disallowed.

    2 - Discussion of politics and religion related directly to playing a game may be allowed as long as they follow the forum rules of decorum and respect. Otherwise, absolutely no political or religious commentaries are allowed. A disclaimer on a political or religious sensitive topic does not exempt it from the rules precluding their posting. If you have any doubt concerning a topic's allowance, contact an admin privately first.

    3 - Do not post conversions on the forum of material that is under copyright without written permission of the owner. It's okay to "file the serial numbers off" and create similar material like Lou K. Slytalker, Psi Paladin of the Stellar Crusade but not the actual material. What's done elsewhere on the internet isn't under our control, but here on the Pinnacle forums, it's simply not allowed.

    4 - Pinnacle acknowledges the ownership of any original material on this forum to the poster. If you wish to publish such material in any format, obtain the creator's permission (and it's common courtesy to attribute them as well unless they specifically do not want it). Furthermore, any assistance on for-profit published products needs to be posted in the Licensee section for Savage Worlds and clearly labeled that the work will be used for such a product. Assistance for fan-created free works can be posted in the appropriate section (Settings & Conversions for an original setting for instance) and be labeled as well.

    5 - It is immensely disrespectful to steal someone else's property, including intellectual property. If it is discovered that a forum member is in any way engaged in the theft of anyone's IP or other assets, that behavior is grounds for an immediate and permanent banning from the forum.

    Breaking the rules may result in an Advisory (unrecorded), Warning (recorded), temporary suspension, or permanent banning. We don't want to do any of those, so play nice, folks. In the end, we're all here because of what we share, a love of gaming, not what separates us.


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    Changing User Names

    Members cannot change their user names once set. An Admin can change it if necessary, but be sure you pick a name you'll be comfortable with for a long time.
    Clint Black
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