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  • What is coming up for SWADE

    SWADE has really rekindled my interest in Savage Worlds, and I'm wanting to buy some more settings, but I'll wait if a SWADE version is coming soon. For instance, will you be doing a SWADE expansion of the Last Parsec/Sci-fi rules, along with new Jumpcore paths like you did with Rifts? If you are, then I won't buy the Last Parsec collectors set for Deluxe Savage Worlds now.
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    Welcome to the Forums!

    There are no current announcements regarding a full Adventure Edition release for TLP, but there is a Conversion document.


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      There are a boatload of Jumpstarts for SWADE available now. A lot of licensees are working toward SWADE settings or updates & in the interim have released 15-20 page introductions to their worlds. Search Jumpstart on DriveThru. My favorites so far: Wiseguys, Dead End, Titan Effect & Darwin's World.


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        Originally posted by Deskepticon View Post
        Welcome to the Forums!

        There are no current announcements regarding a full Adventure Edition release for TLP, but there is a Conversion document.
        Yes, I have that already, but there was a conversion document for Rifts as well, so that is no true indication of their plans, it's just to help current owners of the Deluxe versions get up to date. I'd prefer to have the newest version rather than convert everything over. I figure at some point they'll have to make a sci-fi expansion for SWADE, but I'd be kicking myself if I had just bought the Last Parsec complete set on Amazon and then the next week they announced the SWADE edition with additional books as a Kickstarter. I already have a lot of Savage Worlds books like Rippers and Deadlands, but it would be nice to know what is next on the agenda to update.


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          When they released the update documents PEG noted that they weren't going to be doing many full do-overs.

          Rifts is a special case.
          First, it had an second kickstarter planned for the release of the "wave 2" content.
          Second, the Adventure edition changes forces a number of changes and rulings about how the Rifts stuff would work.
          Third, there has been a ton of ongoing feedback about what works, what doesn't, what can be improved, and what didn't "feel right" about the existing Rifts for Savage Worlds.
          Combine those three features and it makes a lot of sense for Rifts to get a full rewrite.

          The Last Parsec doesn't have any of those conditions.
          It doesn't have any upcoming kickstarter campaigns. The Adventure edition changes have a minor impact upon the rules of the setting. And while there has been a lot of feedback, none of it has been as extreme as Rifts has gotten - because The Last Parsec is an entirely new setting.

          That holds true for most other settings.
          Deadlands is getting a full update.
          Rifts is in the middle of a full update as part of the recent Kickstarter.
          Those are the only existing PEG settings that I'm aware of that are getting full updates. Even recent releases like The Goon, Flash Gordon, and The 6th Gun are not announced to get full updates.
          I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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            Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. That clears my worries!