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trying to print on demand and can't

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  • trying to print on demand and can't

    Hey I'm trying to use Lulu express to print the copy of the base book i just picked up and it will not print it says that
    • Page size or orientation differs between pages. Please correct and provide a fixed PDF.
    Any help on this would be really appreciated as I live in a small town and there is nowhere within 60 miles that can print it out and bind it for me.

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    The problem pages are the covers (front and back). I'm not sure if that includes the blank filler pages.
    Regardless, if you can split the pdf to not include those pages then Lulu should calm down.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      You might find this of interest.
      My blog: Savage Stuff. I've also written some free tools and supplements.


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        Originally posted by Zadmar View Post
        You might find this of interest.
        hmm I've tried following that 4 times now and still getting errors, this time it's a series of unknown pdf errors. So still no luck.


        • chadward
          chadward commented
          Editing a comment
          Yes, I had the same issue with Lulu. A lovely customer service person at Lulu even ran the file through Adobe's optimizer/squisher & had no luck. We tried multiple times with multiple versions of the file I tweaked & tuned from Zadmar's instructions (which are excellent). She said that Lulu is updating it's print rendering engine & sent me to LuluXpress instead. LuluXpress has the updated engine. The only drawback is that managing the covers is trickier. I ended up with a decent B&W perfect bound copy, though it's already starting to fall apart.

          TLDR version: It's not you, it's Lulu.

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        Too bad! I use two open source programs, LibreOffice Writer and Scribus, to create my artwork as PDF and I have never had problems with more than 10 books on

        If you have some issues, best would be to contact directly Lulu's support. The people there are very friendly and helpful, just like Chadward wrote. Or talk to people who have already successfully published books on Lulu. There's a forum of active Lulu authors and publishers at I've already gotten some good and important tips there!