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  • SWADE Savage Worlds Starter Kit

    Even before Critical Role gave such a bright spotlight to D&D 5th Edition, Wizards of the Coast made a really smart marketing decision: offer an inexpensive Starter Kit to get new people into the game. Chaosium did the same thing for 7th ed. Call of Cthulhu. Both starter sets include a softcover basic rules set, pre-generated characters, dice and a novice level adventure, all for about $20. They're great gifts, they're great for introducing new players to the game and they're a great resource for GMs, who can just tell new players to get the Starter Set (at minimal investment) and we'll get a campaign going.

    With SWADE, Pinnacle has a great opportunity to do the same thing.
    • Revamp the Test Drive Rules for SWADE & call them Basic Rules ("test drive" sounds like it should be free) & print in a softcover format
    • Convert Eye of Kilquato and a couple of other iconic setting's 1-3 session Savage Tales adventures & print in a softcover The Many Savage Worlds adventure book to show off the versatility of the system (and get people a taste of the big-deal settings)
    • Have SWADE-compliant pre-generated characters for each setting or create a single set of pre-gens that can be skinned/modded for each included setting to show how that works
    • Include a SW dice set
    • Include the remaindered Bennies that are being offered on the Kickstarter add-on page. Heck put together a mixed set of 20 from all the stuff in the warehouse to show off the settings.
    • Include a GM screen if you want to get swanky. This would be a big plus as it would have all of the combat options and rule summaries.
    • Put it all in a trim box with a good multi-setting cover and sell it for about $20
    Yes, this would be some work, but most of the elements are already in place. Yes, it would cost a bit to print, but it would be worth it. Regular SW players are used to PDFs and POD, new players aren't, and PDFs suck as Christmas/Chanukah/birthday/International Tabletop Day gifts. As I see it (20-year marketing/pr vet), SWADE is a great chance to bring new players into the fold with a one-stop product that really shows off the system.

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    I'm not sure this is as simple or inexpensive as one might think, but I love the idea and I would certainly buy a few.


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      I assume they'll update these.
      The Immaterial Plane: A Savage Worlds Licensee. Products include Artificer's Codex, Herbal Alchemy, and Eberron for Savage Worlds.

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