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On Hiatus for a Bit

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  • On Hiatus for a Bit

    Hi gang!

    With SWADE off to the printers this week, I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from Pinnacle work. We all poured a lot of effort into the new book, and it meant other stuff got put on the back burner.

    For me, those things now require my full attention to get caught up and squared away. Thankfully, while we’ve been working on SWADE for some time, it shouldn’t take nearly as long to clear these matters up.

    The forums will continue as they have been. Erica will still be around to handle moderation, but I expect her job to not grow any more difficult. As to rules questions, Pinnacle's looking into options and will update when they can, but you'll have to help each other for the time being (like you've already been doing). Y’all know the community we strive for here, and it’s all of you who make that a reality every day.

    Just keep doing that. It’s not that hard, in fact, the rules I try to follow are pretty SAVAGE:

    Stay Respectful. Always.
    Apologize. “Winning” isn’t being right, it’s not hurting others.
    Visualize a person. There’s a human being out there. How would you say it to someone in person?
    Antagonism may be hasty or accidental, but rarely is it deliberate and intentional.
    Give advice on how to do something first before any on why not to do it.
    Everyone has a bad day. You will, and others do. Maybe today was that day.

    So till I return, stay SAVAGE!

    Clint Black
    Forum Admin & Rules Answer Guy
    Savage Worlds Brand Manager