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Ya Gotta Be Kidding Me!!!

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  • Ya Gotta Be Kidding Me!!!

    So, our new forums are cloud-based and automatically upgraded when new versions come out.

    Guess what I just found out? New upgrade happens at 3:50 PM PST or 6:50 PM EST.

    Wait, where's my facepalm smiley? Darnit!!

    Anyway, from what I understand, it shouldn't be more than a few minutes, but during that time the forums will be unavailable.

    Sassin'-frassin' upgrade better include facepalm smiley is all I gotta say!
    Clint Black
    Forum Admin & Rules Answer Guy
    Savage Worlds Brand Manager

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      The cloud is just a computer in some dude's garage...
      - Dave R

      "Sometimes when I look at my computer screen, I wonder - are there little demons inside drawing the letters? I don't know! I'm just a simple caveman. My primitive mind can't grasp these concepts."


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      What happened to all the smileys? No facepalm - in fact I can only see eleven (cue the Burnistoun S1E1 - Voice Recognition Elevator - ELEVEN! sketch)
      The GIT!
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      Ejector seat? You're joking!


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        Just tried posting a unicode facepalm, and it showed correctly in the preview; but after saving, the smiley wasn't there, neither the text following it.
        Dang, thought I found a way around this, but looks like only html tags are supported atm.
        Well, hoping for that update then
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