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Taunting multiple foes

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  • Taunting multiple foes

    While using Taunt can you affect multiple foes

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    If you're trying to do it as an actual Test of Wills, not really. There is an edge in the Fantasy Companion, I believe it's called War Cry, that allows you to do an Intimidation roll against multiple targets, but I don't know of any such edges that allow you to do something similar with Taunt. The existence of such an edge has always led me to think such rolls are not meant to be done normally against multiple targets.

    Ultimately, I think it's up to the GM. They might allow you to target multiple foes if you're just trying to get their attention. But to do an actual Test of Wills, I don't think that's really in the rules as written.


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      Yeah, pretty much this.

      Also, Bob Piper, welcome to the forum.