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5.2 Change List

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  • 5.2 Change List

    5.2 is the version that was sent to the printer and is now updated on your account. Here are the final changes we made after getting digital proofs from the printer.
    • Page Numbers moved to Text layer in PDF version so they still appear when printing without background.
    • Inserted blank pages before and after covers to better help with double-sided printing at your local copy shop. (It puts the pages on the correct facings.)
    • p67 Medic Kit: Now adds +1 to Healing skill Rolls.
    • p95 Healing. Removed reference to Wound penalties subtracting from Healing roll.
    • p161 Entangle: Toughness changed to Hardness.
    • p167 Shape Change: Novice entry expanded to Size -4 now. Speech modifier now explicit that you can't activate powers while in animal form.
    • p168 Silence: Changed effects so that it no longer affects Arcane Backgrounds. (We'll deal with silencing spell casters in the Fantasy Companion.)
    • p173 Fixed Power Summary for Sound / Silence.
    • p181 Cat entry. Changed Str to d4-3.
    • Pages 206-208 Cleaned up index.