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  • SWADE v4 Changelist

    Note: We aren't opening this version to detailed feedback as we did 1 through 3. No book is ever perfect, just done. For the next several weeks we'll focus on getting all of the other materials ready for print so that we can stay on schedule. During that time, if critical issues arise and we spot them in our own playtests or general feedback on these forums or our Facebook page, we'll take care of them.

    Edge Summaries: Some of you requested Edge summaries alphabetic, some by Rank, most by type. We've kept them by Type because that's how they're most useful for making characters. We'll be producing a free handout of the Edge lists in those other formats (alphabetical and by Rank) and will post them on the SWADE web page.

    Thanks as always for your excellent feedback and input!

    Philosophical Note (Repeated)
    Savage Worlds is designed around common sense. By the rules, you could wear a plate helmet and a bronze helmet underneath it (see Armor Stacking, page 65). That’s silly, of course, so we assume the GM controls her game and prevents that kind of issue. While we want the rules to be as clear as possible, it is a roleplaying game where anything can happen. For that reason we don’t want to define every single possible action or edge case—when you do, you imply that if a rule doesn’t exist for something, it can’t happen. We’ve seen that in other games and don’t like it. When in doubt, make your best guess, assign a modifier as you see fit, and move on. Thanks! V4

    Here is a list of the major changes as we were able to track them. You may notice numerous other changes not recorded here...reflowed text or art, clarifications, etc.

    P28: Young is now properly broken up into Minor / Major versions.
    P38: Berserk. Per playtests, you now gain a die type of Strength when berserk but gain Fatigue as it progresses.
    P38: Brute Throwing Ranges is now adjustable rather than set.
    P40: Block / Improved Block. Tweaked to “reduces
    P41: Improved Dodge is now Seasoned.
    P46: Mentalist. Removed restriction concerning other species.
    P48: Evasion was mistakenly listed under Acrobat. Removed.
    P52: Danger Sense. Clarified how it works with Surprise and in other situations.
    P65: Clarified that natural armor stacks at full value with worn armor.
    P67: Reworked Encumbrance and the maximum weights one can carry.
    P72: Added Mace, Light and Heavy Clubs.
    P73: Crossbows amended and updated.
    P73: Heavy crossbow changed to Reload 2.
    P 83-85: Adjusted vehicle Sizes based on Size / Scale table cleanup.
    P89: Reroll is no longer a capitalized term, works just like Bennies, and is synonymous with all other “rerolls.”
    P89: Group rolls. Returned it to Extras only.
    P97: Cone attacks require a roll again (so you can get a raise on damage). Failure (less than 4) means it fails to go off entirely.
    P99: Called Shots. Added “Item”
    P100: Disarm: Tweaks and clarifications.
    P169: Summon Ally. Rewrite.
    P100: Changed Gang Up bonus back to just additional adjacent foes. Yes, this means troops
    P101: Grappling. Tweaked the Size Matter / Brute Strength section so that Scale only affects the attacker.
    P102: Innocent Bystanders. Added “A Wild Card must miss with his Wild Die for a RoF 1 weapon to hit an Innocent Bystander (except for shotguns, see below).”
    P102; Mounted Combat. Mounts now just attack on their own (no rider action required).
    P104: You can “ready” twice a turn as a free action. Each additional item readied is an action; as is readying an item from a difficult location such as an ankle holster, off the floor after being disarmed, or other extenuating circumstances.
    P106: Stunned. Changed some effects and
    P109: Wild Attack. Clarified that Vulnerable sticks for the next turn…it doesn’t disappear at the end of this turn.
    P126: Drowning. Made failing Athletics rolls much less severe (you don’t move and only take Fatigue on a Critical Failure).
    P131: Mass Battles. Added a Battle Results table to slow things down a bit and inflict casualties to both sides.
    P143: Social Conflict. Fixed the 0 Tokens entry for trials.
    P150: Clarified that a roll less than 4 when activating a power means it doesn’t activate. A roll of 4 or higher that still fails (such as an opposed roll or a missed bolt) costs the full Power Points allocated to it.
    P150: Clarified that disruption for those using Arcane Devices applies to the user not the caster (an exception).
    P152: Added rules for creating identical “batches” of devices at once.
    P152: Removed “Hands Free” abilities from Psions and Gifted and made Magic, Miracles, and some Weird Science require those components that make sense.
    P157: Damage Field. Deleted the part about unarmed attackers taking damage if they attack the recipient of the field. This means you can move in, make an attack, and back away without damage. The recipient still gets his free attack against you for withdrawing from combat, however.
    P158: Conceal only, added to all Modifiers.
    P160: Empathy. Changed basic effect to +1, a raise adds +2.
    P166: Resurrection. Changed Duration to Instant.
    P169: Changed TK Weapons to TK Tools, which allows you to use any tool with TK. Deleted the part about using the Encumbrance table as maximum Strength…it’s now just Strength like any other character’s.
    P169: Teleport. Added that you can’t teleport foes into solid objects. Now resisted by Spirit (per SPC) rather than Smarts.
    P175: Aquatic. Now says Pace is listed in description (rather than its Athletics).
    P179: Size -3 Strength changed to d4-3 for statistical reasons.
    P185: Horse and War Horse can now kick to the front or rear as their own action (the rider’s action isn’t required).

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    4.1 Update
    Fixed all the typos found here: ... except Standing / Standing up. Standing is fine and correct.

    p19: Fixed Flight to:

    2/4/6 Flight (1): The species can fly at Pace 6 (or 12 for 4 points) and “run” for extra movement as usual. For 6 points, the being can fly at Pace 24 and may “run” for 2d6″ of additional movement. Maneuvering uses the Athletics skill. Racial flight presumes some kind of wings which can be targeted or fouled (a Bound or Entangled character cannot fly).

    p42: Improvisational Fighter ignores -2 penalty when using Imp. Weapons (see p102 note below).
    p59: Brute. Throwing Range corrected on summary table.
    p60: First Strike Summary text fixed to match text.
    p59: Berserk summary text updated to match text.
    p60: Killer Instinct summary text updated to match text.
    p63: Humiliate summary text updated to match text.
    p72: Spear. Changed wording to: Reach 1. Parry +1 if used two-handed
    p73: Kentucky rifle Reload text corrected to four actions.
    p101: Grappling. Removed the Brute Strength paragraph. Grappling and resisting is opposed Athletics. Your Strength comes into it in breaking free (under Bound & Entangled, page 98).
    p102: Improvised weapons all count as armed but are flat -2 Fighting.
    p115: Fixed the Groups sidebar graphic error.
    p162: Growth. Clarified that it does not increase your available Wounds.
    p177: Infravision. Added that it allows you to halve penalties vs invisible creatures.
    p178: New Monstrous Ability:

    The creature has learned how to deal with pesky creatures smaller than itself. It ignores up 4 points of Scale penalties when attacking with certain abilities listed in its description (and only those specific abilities).

    p181: Dragon now has: Swat: Dragons ignore up to 4 points of Scale penalties when attacking with their claws.
    p184: Giant Worm's slam attack now ignores up to four points of Scale mods.