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Rules of free hand requirements

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  • Rules of free hand requirements

    Reposting this from the Reddit board, hoping for an official clarification?

    I've just picked up the pdf for swade and I've been pouring it over. A few things are bothering me about the language of rules and since of the brevity. Specifically, it seems unclear how you can use your hands. Under grappling rules, there's no mention over requiring a free hand to grab a target, so feasibly it could be done while wielding two weapons. As well, no rules for hands using powers, other than some backgrounds allowing you to use them while bound. Again, can you use a power while dual wielding? There's also no rules on using two- handed weapons. Is there a penalty for trying to use a greatsword with one hand, or is it simply impossible?

    Of course I understand that I can clarify these rules all in my own, but I'd be nice to hear an official description. Did I miss something?

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    Savage Worlds is designed around common sense. By the rules, you could wear a plate helmet and a bronze helmet underneath it (see Armor Stacking, page 65). That’s silly, of course, so we assume the GM controls her game and prevents that kind of issue. While we want the rules to be as clear as possible, it is a roleplaying game where anything can happen. For that reason we don’t want to define every single possible action or edge case—when you do, you imply that if a rule doesn’t exist for something, it can’t happen. We’ve seen that in other games and don’t like it. When in doubt, make your best guess, assign a modifier as you see fit, and move on. Thanks!