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    Any chance we can have a 'hand and half' sword (aka bastard sword) added to medieval weapons? A very popular medieval weapon with mounted knights but not favoured whilst on foot.

    The 'great sword' really should be called 'long sword' if you class these as medieval rather than fantasy weapons (as you have from the title of the table). The 'long sword' then just becomes 'sword' (and the basic sword is missing from the table – as you currently Great Sword, Long Sword (the same thing historically) and 'short sword' which historically (in medieval times) covers 'long knives' – like the rondel dagger.

    If you continue with the medieval theme then to be correct you need to remove the 'Great Axe' and pop it into some kind of fantasy listing (if this is one of those stereotypical barbarian two headed axes as there is no evidence to suggest they ever excited in medieval times). If you mean this to be an axe on a long pole then this should be renamed to pollaxe (meaning axe head) or ravensbill. Speaking of bills, no mention of the ubiquitous 'bill' but this could be wrapped up into the halbard at a pinch.

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    We're going to stick with the traditional "D&D" fantasy tropes here as that's what most are familiar with. Thanks for the input though.