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  • Weapon Chart page 74 & page 75


    Thanks again to everyone, but especially Shane & allies, for taking the time and effort to make the next version of SWADE the best possible.

    These are just my opinionated suggestions, as last time

    Page 74:
    Derringer (.41): set the damage to 2d6 - and maybe a note regarding concealment like Switchblade ? (the allready low range/shots will offset the damage/usage).

    Ruger (.22) : set the damage to 2d4 (the average damage will be the same [higer minimum, lower maximum] and a slightly increased chance for exploding damage die).

    Page 75:
    Steyr AUG (5.56mm) should also have the Note/Option for Three-Round burst.

    MG42 (7.92mm); change Min Str back to d8 (or d10, read later) - I have personally shot bursts with the MG3 (very similar to the MG42) both from the hip and shoulder; yes the recoil is hefty but it´s doable (for comparison: I have shot thousands of rounds with the M2 Browning from tripod/vehicle mount and I would never consider shooting with it from the hip nor shoulder - the risk of damaging yourself because of the very heavy recoil, without some sort of gyromount/harness, is too high).
    In retrospect: maybe set the Min Str to d10 for the MG42 - bursts from the M60, in comparison to the MG3, is easier to control from the hip/shoulder with the lower RoF.

    Minigun (7.62mm); the damage from 7.62mm rifle ammunition should be similar across the board: set it to 2d8+1.

    All machine guns should have Snapfire with one exception: you can make Supressive Fire without Snapfire penalty (maybe it´s not fun, but it´s realistic) - usage of a bipod/tripod/vehicle mount will negate Snapfire.
    Additionally: doing this will have no impact on the Rock and Roll Edge, and future setting Edge (or House Rule Edge) like "Assault" could include they also negate Snapfire penalty.

    Move-Burst =Snapfire & Recoil= -4.
    Move-drop Prone(free action)-deploy bipod(action)-Burst (at -2 because of the deploy bibod action[Multi-Action]) =no Snapfire and negate Recoil= -2 (and prone).

    In our regular SW group (going on 15´ish years) we have several soldiers/ ex-soldiers and we tend to get somewhat "nerdy" in regards to weapons.
    I´m still in the army (and have been for 25 years) and have tried quite a few weapons in that time, including tankcanons.


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    Hey Qualdran! Agree on most of 'em and made the changes. I left the .41 as 2d4 though since they're fairly low velocity evidently (former Army here too...though I never got to fire an M2...wish I had!). Just fired an MG42 a couple weeks ago. Can't imagine hip-firing it, but I put a d10 on there so it can be done. Thanks for your feedback and your service.