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SWADE: Tests and Disarm

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  • SWADE: Tests and Disarm


    I checked my previous suggestion on Tests and I like the alteration regarding the tripping example (page 108), but there is a period missing at the end of the sentence.

    Disarm (page 100): I see a lot of people complaining about the fact that disarm seems “ineffective” because picking up an item is a free action. The way I see it, if the disarm happens in a bridge, a ledge, a slope, in a margin of a river or other similar environment, the item might fall into a difficult or inaccessible location so picking the item implies movement, the GM should be creative on this, but an example could help the reader acknowledge this.
    The only problem I have with this rule is that the way I see a disarm, it implies momentum or force, so I would expect for the item to "fly" at least a few yards on a random direction. A few options could be added, for example, with a raise the attacker could even select the direction of the item and with two raises he could get the item!

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    Period fixed.

    The readying bit has been clarified and addressed for those kinds of situations. Cheers