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Breaking things limit to one attempt

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  • Breaking things limit to one attempt

    p98, Breaking Things: "If an attack can’t do enough damage to destroy the object in one shot, it can’t destroy it (...)"

    If I understand correctly this means that the character can try to break particular object only once per encounter. That's justified by:

    "This keeps characters from shattering swords with a pocket knife and a lucky Strength roll.".

    I don't buy it, such case is already handled by the "Damage Types" paragraph (GM should disallow pocket knife vs sword attempt) and now it does the opposite, emphasises the unlucky rolls (one'd expect troll with a maul to succeed at breaking the table). It also disallows some dramatic moments, imagine the characters fending off attackers while one of them tries to break the door. Several failed attempts are great as they build up the tension (It could be done using a Dramatic Task, but I believe that Breaking Things rules should work as well).

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    I think you're misreading it. The sword against the door can destroy it in one shot...though it might take several attempts to do so.

    That said, I took out the "pocket knife" paragraph for clarity, and since I needed a little room on that page anyway.