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Big List of Stuff to Fix—Chapter 2 (Page 80–85)

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  • Big List of Stuff to Fix—Chapter 2 (Page 80–85)

    Continued from previous lists: Chapter 1 (Part 1 and Part 2) and Chapter 2 (Part 1).

    Tank and AT Guns Note (Page 80): It’s been noted by a few folks that the extra damage die provided when firing at half of the weapon’s Short Range is too much—a random Sherman will be able to Wreck a King Tiger in one shot around 1 out of every 20 Shots from the front without a raise, and 1/10 with a raise. That’s the same from the rear (according to the Heavy Armor rules on Page 82), or 1/6 shots (1/4) with a half-Short range raise from the rear. That’s exceedingly high amounts of damage; it would probably be worth changing these values to deal an extra +1d6 damage in either case—under this rule, a Sherman’s half-Short Range rear raise will brick the King Tiger around 15% of the time (close to 1/6 shots, compared to the current 1/4), but a simple half-Short Range shot from the front the Sherman will only one-shot Wreck the Tiger II 1 out of every ~30 shots, and causes a single wound around 1/6 shots. The King Tiger should one-shot Wreck the Sherman with about 1 out of 4 shots at half-Short Range or a shot from the rear. This is a lot closer to life on both counts, and seems like it would be easier to play (most folks tend to have more extra d6s lying about than extra d10s).
    Page 81: It’s noted here that vehicles can take additional Wounds at Large, Huge, and Gargantuan, but doesn’t state how many wounds they can take normally; that info is tucked away on Page 117 and 118.
    Page 83: Later on in the book it’s stated that “most vehicles” can take 3 wounds, but “most vehicles” are large enough that they take around 4 instead. However, Early Cars (Model Ts and the like) were tiny, weighing in at a whopping 1,200 lbs. If anything is, the Model T is a great contender for a Size 3 vehicle; the World War II Jeep falls into a similar camp, being barely 11 feet long and about 4 feet wide, they aren’t really comparable in size to a modern compact car.
    WWII Aircraft Notes (Page 84): The B-17 Flying Fortress was an enormous plane, clocking in at 74 feet long. I think it’s reasonable to upgrade them to Size 9 or 10 and make them Huge vehicles (without adjusting their Toughness more than a point or two); their additional wound doesn’t take them very far under concentrated fire—any Quad-Linked MG is causing at least a wound with 1/6 shots (or 2/5 raises, which are fairly likely), so at best it keeps them alive for an extra round or two against a single fighter. The other listed planes—BF-109, P-15, the Zero, and the Spitfire—all clocked in at around 30 feet long, which reasonably allows them to sit around Size 6 or 7 (still only having a single additional wound for their Scale while their actual Size better reflects how large they really were).
    Aircraft Notes (Page 84–85): Following the above suggestion, increasing the learjet to Size 7 and the space shuttle to Size 11 fares rather well. Bringing the Apache and UH-1 to Size 5 or 6, and the Harrier, Eagle, and SU-27 to Size 7 or 8, brings all of these vehicles more in line with their actual Size while more or less retaining appropriate scale and wound values.
    Watercraft Notes (Page 85): In the same vein as above, increasing the Galleon to Size 11, the Galley to Size 10 (both of these are much larger but it retains their wound value and allows the a Man of War or a comparable Ship of the Line to scale with more wounds; if it plays well the above ships could easily be Size 14 and 12 respectively). Scaling most of the other ships similarly (the Small Yacht becoming a Size 10, Speed Boat a Size 5, and PT Boat at Size 7 or 8). I don’t know how large the Hydrofoil is since there is a huge variety.

    Page 85: Under the Galley’s notes, it notes that its Top Speed is 4 (9) under sail; I don’t know what this means and it could be clearer. If it means that its Top Speed under sail is 9 MPH, then that should be more explicit.
    Page 85: Given the new rules for Heavy Armor (Page 82), it should be specified that the Galleon, Galley, River PBR, and WWII PT Boat do not take additional damage if attacked from the side or rear.
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